CDS Incoming – Preparation Essential

Jul 22, 2022

CDS Incoming – Preparation Essential

If you have left testing CDS to the last minute, then that time is NOW. Preparation is essential if you are going to avoid issues in September.

We highly recommend checking out the really useful information, which is frequently updated, on the CDS page of our website. This includes the recent additions of an excellent FAQ from customs that was prepared based on questions from our webinar, and a series of short how-to videos.

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What’s On Our CDS Resource Page

Our Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers that we are often asked relating to both CDS and MultiShed.

‘How-To’ Videos
A few of the ‘how-to’ videos that have been prepared by Customs, which can be watched on site or on youtube.

Useful Links And Downloads
We have over 20 links and pdf downloads, including guides and useful information.

Training Links And Downloads
A further 12 links and downloads that are specifically aimed at training.

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