Driver Shortage Now Closer To Home

Sep 1, 2021

Driver Shortage Now Closer To Home

The current driver shortage has been impacting logistics for months, especially in container transport. However, it has now become much closer to home as the crisis has started to affect our everyday lives during recent weeks.

We have witnessed Mcdonalds running out of milkshakes, Nando’s running out of chicken, some pubs running out of beer and the shortage of certain products at supermarkets is obvious to see.

It seems that the issue may be with us for some time, as the RHA (Road Haulage Association) report the shortfall in drivers to be around 100,000. Backed by many supply chain leaders and trade organisations, they have been lobbying government to act by allowing temporary visas for foreign national drivers, which has now been refused.

Post brexit, the industry lost an estimated 14,000 foreign drivers which added to the ongoing problems facing the industry. However, the government have now suggested that British drivers should be used and the issue could be improved by training – seemingly ignoring the 6 month+ waiting times that are often needed for HGV tests following the pandemic.

With the above in mind, the crisis may be set to continue getting worse before it gets better.


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