Liverpool Port – Strikes & Redundancies

Oct 17, 2022

Liverpool Port – Strikes & Redundancies


As Liverpool dock workers approach the end of their second strike, a third has been confirmed for the end of this month. Meanwhile, the port’s management have confirmed a restructure, which will likely result in job losses.

The second strike started last week and ends today (Monday 17th October). A third is now planned for two weeks from 24th October according to the Unite Union, who have also been responsible for the Felixstowe strikes.

However, the port operator started a redundancy consultation process last week, citing the downturn in container traffic as a need to restructure. Their spokesperson commented: “We are exploring a number of different options to try and protect as many jobs as possible, including redeploying staff in other areas of the business”.

The shipping industry has been witnessing a global downturn in container traffic, but the union believe this action is just a retaliation to the strikes. Both parties seem to be further away from reaching agreement than ever, with the dispute now seemingly taking a bitter turn for the worst.

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