MultiFreight’s Cloud Service – What’s it all about?

Jun 13, 2023

MultiFreight’s Cloud Service – What’s it all about?

As well as the traditional ‘on-premise’ server options, MultiFreight provide a technologically advanced solution for cloud deployment of our software.

Cloud computing is fast evolving, with new features and services being introduced all the time. The direction towards apps that serve from the cloud is often preferential to the continuous investment in upgrading servers.

Over recent years, we have noticed a steady flow of customers coming to us to run MultiFreight software in our AWS Amazon web services environment.

Our software sits on a Microsoft server, where we provide a private virtual environment to each customer, avoiding shared or multi-tenanted systems.

We manage the maintenance and updates on the server and, as standard, the system is mirrored to other data centres and backed up four times per day. We can provided an enhance version of this, subject to additional charges.

MultiFreight’s cloud service can also be run in conjunction with a ‘baby server’ on premise, where documents and/or the accounts system are maintained locally, if customers would prefer that to not go in the cloud.

Naturally, our cloud service removes the stress and need to maintain an on site server, along with the need to worry about backups and the system being up to date. All that is required for connection is a device and internet access.

MultiFreight still have many customers that prefer the on-premise deployment with their own server, and that will undoubtedly continue.

However, if you would like to find out more about our cloud service, then please do not hesitate to contact the MultiFight team. 


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