One Year On From Suez – Another Grounding

Mar 29, 2022

One Year On From Suez – Another Grounding

One year on from the blocking of the Suez Canal and another container ship has run aground from the same Taiwanese carrier.

The vessel ‘Ever Forward’ has been stuck in mud and clay in Chesapeake Bay, on the US East Coast, for two weeks now. Ironically, an attempt to refloat the ship is expected to be made later – exactly one year to the day that the ‘Ever Given’ was refloated in Suez.

On that occasion, the vessel blocked off the shipping lane and caused global trade disruption for the following weeks, but this time around the ship is not blocking other marine traffic – thankfully!

According to the US Coast Guard, the ‘Ever Forward’ was travelling in a shallow channel before veering slightly and getting stuck in 25-foot deep water. Bad weather has delayed previous refloating attempts.


– Your MultiFreight Team

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