Our CDS Updated With Youtube Guides

Aug 15, 2022

Our CDS Updated With Youtube Guides

HMRC have released a new series of ‘how-to guides’ which brokers and forwarders should find useful.

As a reminder, services on CHIEF will be withdrawn in two stages:

  • After 30 September 2022 the ability to make import declarations on CHIEF will end and you must move all your import declarations to CDS.
  • After 31 March 2023 the ability to make export declarations on CHIEF and the National Export System (NES) will end and you must move all your export declarations to CDS.


The additional guides now available are listed below:

  • Step 1 – how to identify the declaration category
  • Step 2 – how to identify the commodity code
  • Step 3 – how to identify the procedure code
  • Step 4 – permitted additional procedure code
  • Step 5 – identify the additional procedure code
  • Step 6 – additional information statement codes
  • Step 7 – specific document and reference codes
  • Steps 8 & 9 – how to review completion guidance
  • Step 10 – how to complete the customs declaration


All of these video guides have been added to our extensive CDS guide, and you can view them all directly HERE.

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